Why Veggie?

I am a vegetarian.

There are many people that I’ve come across who think they can judge and make fun of me because of that but recently I’ve also noticed that quite a few people were genuinely interested in knowing why I am a vegetarian. Hence I’m telling you people my reasons today.

It all started in summer 2009 when I decided to stop eating meat. I remember the day very clearly: My family and I were getting ready to have a little barbecue and all I could think about was how unappetising the sausages, chicken wings and lamb looked to me. It wasn’t appealing to me at all, which is why I decided to just not eat it anymore. I’ve sticked to that decision ever since.

In the beginning there were some struggles with telling people about it. They would say things like: “The world won’t become a better place now that you’re a vegetarian.” or “But how are you going to get enough protein into your body now?”. Those people just don’t know anything about vegetarianism and usually they don’t want to know either. Over time it got easier for me to stand my ground and to tell them my reasons for not eating meat.

As for my reasons, when it all started I really only had one: I didn’t like the taste of meat.
As time went by I thought more about the whole topic of eating animals and it just didn’t seem to make sense to me why I should eat any kind of them anymore. Up until that point, I had continued to eat fish and seafood. I still liked the taste of it but in the beginning of 2013 I stopped consuming it for good after going even deeper into the topic and watching some very disturbing documentaries.

Beyond question I had known before how animals are treated before being killed and ending up on our plates. However at that point I felt ready to deal with the truth and it surely moved me and started a new way of thinking in my head. Why would I want to support such a process and all the consequenses that come with it?
The tortured animals, the chemicals that end up in hour food, the huge amount of waste that is left behind and of course the pollution that goes hand in hand with it.
There was no reason for support therefore I stopped eating fish as well.

I still don’t think that my being a vegetarian will change anything about the way animals are treated for the sake of being our food but morally it seems wrong to be a part of the group that doesn’t care about it.
Because I do care.

That’s why I dare you to try out vegetarianism. May it be one meal, one day or a whole week, it would mean the world to me if you gave it a try. If you gave yourself the chance to try and understand the concept and maybe, just maybe let it enrich your life a little.

Marieke x